Selective Perception

Topics: Perception, Cognitive biases, Russia Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Selective perception - it is a distance given to drive by car. Every person, who would do that, would notice different buildings, signs, posters and etc. We cannot notice everything, because our brain cannot receive that much information. So we concentrate on safe driving, and notice only those things, that we like: the dreamer will be looking at clouds perhaps, the advertising manager will be analysing new posters that competitors made, the old man will be looking at every road sign in order to comply with road rules. We see world different, because we all are different.

Halo effect. For example, the student of dances missed lot of the classes during the semester. And at the end he has to make a final personal program. The lecturer, according to student‘s absent, decides to write him lower mark than for those, who were in the class all the time. It doesn‘t depend on the quality of performing anymore – lecturer is making decision because of actions, the student did earlier. Another example: the person, who works with people, a person from information call service, just received a call from very unsatisfied and nervous person. The emotions, that he felt talking with that guy, stay even when the conversation is finished. So the next person, who will talk with this worker, will not hear sincerely and honest communication and positive emotions.

Contrast effect. Let’s imagine- person is waiting for a job interview. There are three people in the waiting hall. One has extremely good CV, the best college’s degree, and lot of experience working exactly in this position. And he goes the first. It’s understandable, that the one, who will go to the interview after that man, will have less change than that one, who will be the last one. Because the interviewer will be impressed by the first one and he will be comparing the second one – evaluation will not be equal.

Stereotyping – that is very common, when we decide about person because of stereotype that we...
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