Selective Perception

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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selective perception in organisational behaviour
Selective perception Influences from Managers’ Aspect
As stated above, an organisation is formed and run by different people together instead of an individual on its own. Therefore, it is understandable that managers in organisations will always go through a process, which is searching the right person to play a specific role and work in the organisation. In fact, the decisions that the managers made to hire an applicant to work in the organisation invovle the factors of selective perception. It is necessary for the managers (the interviewer) to selectively perceive someone during the hiring process. This is because different positons in the organisation will require different skills. The selective perception process can help the managers to screen out the others and employ the applicants with the specific skill. It would be impossible to hire the right person if the managers never selectively perceive on the applicants skills base on the specific skills and characters needed for the position. In this situation, selective perception runs a positive role during the process because it helps the managers to pick up the right applicants with the right skills and personality and thus improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and also the organisation. However, selective perception can also bring bad influence in this case. When the perception comes to the personal likeness of the managers, the consideration of the hiring decision made by the managers can be subjective. One of the factor that caused the discrimination on the performance of female employees and the lack of position in an organisation during the early ceuntry based on the selective perception of women can not work as good as men would be a significant example. Selective perception will also affect the judgement of the managers on the employees’ performance. As stated in the exmaple above, the managers will easily forget the mistake made by the...
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