Selective Group Perception

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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July 15, 2011
Case Study Sample from Internet
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Selective Group Perception
They Saw a Game: A Case Study
Hastorf and Cantril
Hastorf and Cantril in a paper called - They Saw a Game: A Case Study (1954) - analyzed what proved to be selective perception of a football game contested between Dartmouth Indians and Princeton Tigers. The football game the students saw had actually been played in 1951 - Princeton won. It was a rough game, with many penalties, and it had aroused a furore of editorials in the campus newspapers and elsewhere.

The Princeton quarterback, an All-American, in this, his last game for his college, had had to leave the game in the second quarter with a broken nose and a mild concussion. In the third quarter the Dartmouth quarterback's leg was broken when he was tackled in the backfield.

One week after the game, Hastorf and Cantril had Dartmouth and Princeton psychology students fill out a questionnaire, and the authors analyzed the answers of those who had seen either the game or a movie of the game. They had two other groups view a film of the game and tabulate the number of infractions seen.

The Dartmouth and Princeton students gave discrepant responses. Almost no one said that Princeton started the rough play; 36% of the Dartmouth students and 86% of the Princeton students said that Dartmouth started it; and 53% of the Dartmouth students and 11% of the Princeton students said that both started it. Question: "Which team do you feel started the rough play?"

| Percent Dartmouth Students| Percent Princeton Students| | | |
Princeton started it| 2| 0|
Both started it| 53| 11|
Dartmouth started it | 36| 86|
Neither/no answer| 9| 3|

Question: "Do you believe the game was clean and fairly played or that it was unnecessarily rough and dirty?" | Percent Dartmouth Students| Percent Princeton Students| Clean & Fair | 13| 0|

Rough & Fair | 39| 3|...
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