Selection Structure Paper

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Selection Structure Paper
Richard Lynn
January 28, 2013
David Shroads

Describe the Purpose of that Structure
The selection structure has to be a cautiously chosen to help the program run properly. There are a number of things that are considered in the selection of the structure of the program. First is to outline or define pseudo code; it is an unofficial language that is used to generate a draft of a particular program. The first property is the independence of the language. This lets the employment into a particular language in programming and rejects the details of the specified language that is not relevant to the algorithm. The second property is the changes that allow you to quickly adjust, discard, create, and analyze algorithms. The program structure contains a couple of variables of input in pseudo code on the flowchart. “In the pseudo code, there is a consistency of the models of system including the chart of the structure, the dictionary data, and flow diagrams that contains the data, and the state transition diagrams.” ("The Selection Control Structure", n.d.). The selection structure for integrating the different IT systems has two different, equally special statements to execute. The computer has to make a choice on which one of the statements to do next. You will tell to the computer what choice is to be made. The computer tests which one of the statements to do by providing an expression based on conditions. Selection control structure adds practicality and efficiency of programming because it allows different sets of instructions. If a certain condition is true then an altered set of instructions are performed than if a condition is false. The IF THEN ELSE can be a powerful asset because you can attain answers that are specific to that particular condition.

In layman’s terms, a written illustration of computer code is pseudo code. Pseudo code is not intended for computers to read but is meant by humans to be read....
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