Selection Process of Hsbc Bangladesh

Two-factor theory, HSBC, Job satisfaction

1. Objective of the Study

There are aims and objectives of the study. This includes:
1. To determine how HSBC selects their employees.
2. To determine what HSBC do to motivate their employees. 3. To determine the things done by HSBC to give job satisfaction to their employees. 4. To determine and assess the effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction to HSBC.

To identify how successful the company is and how the employees contribute to the success of the company.

2. Scope of the Study

The study intends to determine the effects of employee motivation and job satisfaction to HSBC's business success. The study limits itself on gathering information from employees of HSBC. They will be helpful in knowing how are they motivated and satisfied by the company.

3. Methodology

Research Strategy
For this research data will be gathered through collating published studies from different books, articles from different related journals and studies, and other literary instruments. The next thing that will be done is to make a content analysis of the collected documentary and verbal material. The study will then summarize all the necessary information. By summarizing it additional knowledge of the study will be imparted to the researcher. The study will then make a conclusion based on the said information. Data Collection and Analysis

The analysis shall use interviews of selected HSBC Bangladesh Personnel. Moreover, the study shall also use previous studies and compare it to its existing data in order to provide conclusions and competent recommendations. Primary Data

The primary source of data will come from an interview with an HSBC Bangladesh Personnel.. The primary source of data will give actual responses from people who encounter different kinds of things. This kind of data will give a further understanding of the situation. Secondary Data

The secondary source of data will come from...
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