Selection and Utilization of Instructional Media for Effective Practice Teaching

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: March 11, 2011
Teaching practice is an important aspect of teacher education. In training schools and colleges, trainee teachers basically learn about their: subject, that is, specialized knowledge in a particular subject area. The techniques of teaching subject content (pedagogy/methodology) and how children learn are acquired through courses in basic education and the study of education principles (Boulay, 1987). Through practice teaching, trainee: teachers are introduced into the teaching profession in a practical manner. This ensures that teacher education is not only theoretically supported, but also practice oriented. Therefore, teaching practice provides students teachers with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with practical way, the details of classroom procedure, control and relationship with students and immediate matters of teaching materials, syllabus, and methods of evaluation, among others (Apel, 1993). Effective practice teaching is dependent on good communication between the trainee teacher and the students. Verbal instruction, which seems to be the easiest form of instructional delivery system besides real experience, is always very abstract. Since students enter into schools with varying degrees of abilities and potentials, trainee teachers need instructional media to help them communicate effectively, and thus cope with students needs based on their abilities. Instructional media are all forms of information carriers which can be used to record, store, preserve, transmit, or retrieve information for purposes of teaching and learning. They are materials used by practising and trainee teachers to present, illustrate, and elucidate teaching posits (Agun, 1988). Educators have long recognized the intrinsic value of instructional media in the teaching and learning processes. This-recognition engendered the inclusion of components of media education in teacher training programmes. For instance, trainee teachers in Nigerian universities and...
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