Selection and Assessment of a Graduate Trainee Manager

Topics: Industrial and organizational psychology, Applied psychology, Assessment Pages: 24 (7552 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Selection and Assessment of a Graduate Trainee Manager

A Management Report

Clémence C

* Executive Summary
Employers use different approaches to select the person that fits to their relevant job. As there are many assessment methods, this report investigates the advantages and disadvantages of each method in the context of a graduate trainee manager. The key question to be answered is how well these methods predict future job performance and whether they are accurate for the selection of graduate trainee manager. It is a coursework written by University of Hertfordshire students and addresses today’s challenging selection and assessment processes. Furthermore, the extremely dynamic nature of today’s labour market has changed work patterns and demands on employees. Hence, selection and assessment methods need to be newly defined and correctly applied. Especially, for employers it is important that they decide on the most efficient and effective method because it is very costly. Research has been conducted through many given resources of our professor Bob Stead including our course book Work Psychology: Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace written by Arnold et al (2010). In addition, research included published articles for example in the Journal of Applied Psychology as well as research papers. Prior to the assessment one has to determine the competencies that are required for a successful graduate trainee manager. This management report investigates the three identified main competencies, namely project management, leadership and cognitive ability. Although the traditional approach including CVs and job interviews is accurate for a first selection or filtering, the use of an assessment centre is undeniable. An example of an assessment centre for a graduate trainee manager is part of the report and recommends how to best assess the identified competencies. The most recommended methods to assess the KBs are management exercises, group exercises and the cognitive ability test. Even though, the selection and assessment process is expensive, research has shown that the costs are justified. Companies should very carefully think about it as it is essential in the context of manager positions. Hence, choosing a wrong person will have negative effects on the company in terms of money and reputation and could also ruin the dismissed manager.

Table of Contents
2Literature Review6
2.1The Traditional Approach6
2.1.1Application Forms6
2.1.2Curriculum Vitae6
2.1.4Summary of the Traditional Approach8
2.2Assessment Centres8
2.2.1Cognitive Ability Tests8
2.2.2Emotional Intelligence9
2.2.3Group Exercises9
2.2.4Management Exercises10
2.2.5Work Samples10
2.2.6Personality Tests10
2.2.10Summary of Assessment Centre Tasks12
3Management Competencies13
3.1A Graduate Trainee Manager’s Competencies13
3.1.1Project Management13
3.1.3Cognitive Ability15
5.1Assessment Tests for Project Management17
5.2Assessment Tests for Leadership18
5.3Assessment Tests for Cognitive Ability19
6Table of Figures20
9.1Appendix 1; Example of Curriculum Vitae26
9.2Appendix 2; Sample Structured Interview Question and Rating Criteria27 9.3Appendix 3; The Five Factor Model (FFM)27
9.4Appendix 4; Predictive Validity for Overall Job Performance of General Mental Ability (GMA) Scores28 9.5Appendix 5; Evaluation of Assessment Methods on Four Key Criteria29 9.6Appendix 6; Sample Situational Judgment Test Items30

9.7Appendix 7; Group Work Log31

Nowadays, organisations compete fiercely in the war for talent. As today's executives understand the importance of human resources management in...
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