Selecting an Assitant Crime Scene Investigator

Topics: Police, Law, Knowledge Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: March 24, 2013
You Decide
Jonah Colombo
DeVry University

Author Note:
This paper is being submitted March 24, 2013 for Professor Barbara Bailey’s Criminal Investigation course at DeVry University by Jonah Colombo

You Decide – Week 3

In order to best aid in the investigation I have chosen Deputy Johnson as my assistant lead investigator. While all good candidates for the job, Deputy Johnson has the skills required to be the best fit for the role. Not only has she been in law enforcement for a good enough length of time to get a working knowledge of the law, she also has worked in a detention center. This means she must have excellent paperwork skills and knows how to check if information is correct and dig out details.

Another important aspect in this choice is her proclaimed good people skills which will allow her to interact with victim, suspect, and law enforcement equally well. She is also fluent in Spanish which could aid in the burglary investigation if the community, victims, witnesses or suspect do not speak English very well, if at all. Her bachelors of arts degree in English will come in handy for making clear, easy to understand and legible documents at the crime scene itself.

She shows promise in that she can be taught the ways of criminal investigation as proven by her certification in advanced crime scene investigation. This will make her more knowledgeable in offense types, administrative aspects, DNA evidence as well as other types of evidence and search of the crime scene itself. Combined with her communication skills she should be able to establish a rapport with subjects that will ease the interview process along. Having worked in a prison as well, she should be able to detect deception more readily than most of the other candidates.

To reiterate, Deputy Johnson has great communication skills, advanced paperwork skills, fluent in Spanish and has had one of the best jobs to fall into the role of...
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