Selected Advanced Vocabulary for Ielts Writing

Topics: Air pollution, Ecology, Pollution Pages: 7 (1143 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Selected Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS Writing
1.adapt oneself to the development of使自己适应…的发展 2.scope of knowledge知识面
3.narrow the gap between缩小了…的鸿沟
4.lighten the burden of减轻了…的负担
5.comprehensive knowledge广博的知识
6.long-distance education远程教育
7.enrich the teaching method丰富教育手段
8. teaching methodology教学方法
9. schooling学校教育
10. upbringing、parenting、upbringing家庭教育
11. instill high moral values(注意:value用作复数表示价值观)灌输高尚的道德观 12.impart\inculcate knowledge传授知识
13.multi-media teaching多媒体教学
14.solid professional working experience扎实的职业工作经验 15.vocational education职业教育
16.down-to-earth, practical切合实际的
17.stress-related illness与压力有关的疾病
18.enjoy equal rights享有平等权利
19.receive education接受教育
26.the cultural diversity文化的多元性
27.insightful富有洞察力的, 有深刻见解的 experience交流经验
29.undertake the due obligations承担责任
34.face possible pressure and competition迎接可能的压力和竞争 35.Be easily taken in by容易受到某人或某事的欺骗 36.exam-oriented education应试教育
  labor-intensive劳动密集型的 for all-round development全面发展教育
39.have quick and easy access to something更快地接触到…东西 40.develop our creative mind培养我们创造性思维
41.fake diploma假文凭
42.embracing the knowledge economy age拥抱知识经济时代 43.renew knowledge革新知识
45.system of education教育体制 (compulsory education义务教育,quality education素质教育,student-oriented education以学生为主体的教育) 46.keep skills fresh and up-to-date使得技能可以与时俱进 47.widen one’s knowledge拓展知识面
48.enrich one’s social and life experience丰富了社会和生活阅历 49.realize the value of life实现生命价值
50.grasp good communication skills掌握良好的交流技能 51.remove misunderstanding and discrimination消除误解和歧视 52.improve cultural integration and globalization促进了文化的融合和文化全球化 53.cultivate a strong sense of responsibility培养了强烈的责任感 54.promote social skills and competence提高了社会能力和竞争力 55.make contribution to society对社会做出贡献

56.cultivate logical thinking培养逻辑思维
57.cross-cultural communication跨文化交流
60.rote learning、learn things by rote死记硬背
61.concentrate one’s attention on关注…
63.promote the student’s physical, mental \intellectual and emotional development促进学生身心发展 三、环境与动物保护
1.ecosystem\ecological system 生态系统
2.ecological balance\equilibrium生态平衡
3.sustainable development可持续发展
5.environmentalists\conservationists环保主义者 animal right activists动物权益保护主义者 6.environmentally-friendly(adj.)对环境无害的
8.recycle\reuse (v.) 再利用
9.advocate the management of resources倡导资源管理
10.benefit from从中受益
11.enhance\elevate\raise the public awareness of … 增强公众的……意识 12.put forward valuable suggestions提出宝贵建议 a major role in easing … 在缓解……上扮演了重要角色 14.shortage\scarcity\dearth\lack(n.)短缺
15.participate in the reconstruction of the city参与城市重建 16.raise the environmental management level提高环境管理水平 17.create a pleasant ecological environment创造出一种和谐的生态环境 18.give priority to优先关注
19.catch much attention引起很大关注
20.deforestation (n.)砍伐森林
forestation project造林工程
afforested areas; greening space绿化面积
 forest coverage森林覆盖率
 wind breaks防风林
sand breaks防沙林
21.greenhouse effect、 global warming温室效应
22.discharge effluent\sewage 排放污水
23.non-biodegradable garbage、 wastes that can not decompose or break down、inorganic trash白色污染产生的垃圾 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags可降解一次性塑料袋 24.infertile soil贫瘠的土壤
25.fertile soil肥沃的土壤
26.arable land 、farmland 耕地
27.pollute\contaminate (v.) 污染
28.poisonous\toxic (adj.) 有毒的
29.renewable resources可再生资源
30.non-renewable resources不可再生资源
31.consume\deplete (v.)消耗 (某种资源)
32.use up\exhaust (v.)用尽 (某种资源)
33.harsh measures\actions严厉措施
34.condemn rather than condone sth.谴责而不是纵容
35.resource allocation资源配置
36.perfect the construction of urban infrastructure完善城市基础设施建设 37.reduce the number of vehicles减少车辆
38.implement strict vehicle emission standards制定严格的汽车排放标准 39.reduce...
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