Select and Fully Identify Two Paintings from Different Art Historical Periods and Cultures That Depict the Same Subject or Theme. Then Discuss How the Presentations Are a Reflection of the Culture and Style in Which It Was Created.

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Prompt: Select and fully identify two paintings from different art historical periods and cultures that depict the same subject or theme.  Then discuss how the presentations are a reflection of the culture and style in which it was created.

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The first work is the center panel of the Merode Altarpiece by Robert Campin in 1425. It is titled The Annunciation and is a Flemish painting. The second work is a fresco by Fra Angelico entitled Annunciation. It was made in 1440 in Florence, Italy. The Merode Altarpiece is considered early fifteenth century Flemish art while Annunciation is considered Early Renaissance art. The subject of both of these paintings is the Annunciation which is when the Virgin Mary was told by the archangel Gabriel that she would miraculously conceive and become the mother of Jesus.

In everyday Flemish life it would have been very difficult to avoid anything religion related. Secular and religious lives were intertwined. During this time period religious artwork was beginning to be commissioned not just for public worship sites but for private use as well. This is the case with the Merode altarpiece. It was much smaller than public religious art so that it could be easily transported around the home. The Merode altarpiece is painted with oil on wood. The Annunciation reflects the style of early Flemish painting because of the deep shadowing and use of light that gives the painting an intense sense of depth and volume. Both the Virgin Mary and Gabriel have weight and solidity. Within the work there is a sense of realism and detail from all the objects that are painted in the room. Evidence of the Flemish style can also be seen in the drapery in the clothing which is stiff, linear and angular. The Annunciation displays numerous examples of Christian iconography which demonstrates the rising popularity of combining religious life with secular. A few examples of this...
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