Select and Explain the Most Significant Religious Features of Two Different Denominational Places of Worship. Show Clearly the Ways in Which the Selected Features Are Used in Worship and Why. Explain How Worship in the

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  • Published: March 1, 2009
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Select and explain the most significant religious features of two different denominational places of worship. Show clearly the ways in which the selected features are used in worship and why. (400-550 words)

Roman Catholic:
Roman catholic places of worship are called churches, though for less liturgical churches, the word chapel is often used instead. There are many typical features of roman catholic churches, such as towers and steeples, and every roman catholic church has an altar, a lectern or reading stand, a pulpit and a tabernacle. The tabernacle is viewed by some roman Catholics as the most important feature in the church. The tabernacle is a small cupboard-like structure in which the consecrated host’s are reserved for use for communion for the sick and private worship. The tabernacle is usually central to the altar, or to one side with space for private prayer before it. The tabernacle is often placed near a special lamp, often labelled the sanctuary lamp, which is a red candle which is kept burning to indicate and honour the presence of Christ in the bread in the tabernacle.

The Baptist church is often compared to the with the Methodist church, as their belief’s and ways of worship are very similar. However the Baptist church has a baptism pool fairly prominent at the front. This pool will be designed for full immersion, in the same way that Christ was baptised in the river Jordan. In the baptism, the person’s entire body will be fully immersed, dunked, submerged or otherwise placed completely under the water. During the baptismal service, some Baptist churches light three candles on or around the baptismal font, to honour the holy trinity. The Baptist church believe that you should only be baptised when you are at an age to choose for yourself your religion and beliefs, this is why they very rarely do baptisms for people under the age of 13.

Explain how worship in the denominations you have chosen...
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