Sekhar's Story

Topics: Truth, Reality, Fact Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: October 23, 2010
like the sun is one of the famous short stories for R.K.Narayan . It talks about saying to people the real truth . Sekhar says that the truth is like the sun . He promised that this day he is going to say the truth to every one . First , he said the truth to his wife that he can't swallow her food . Second , when Sekhar's colleague told him about death of a person . Sekhar then told him that this person always struck him as a mean and selfish bruite . Third , the headmaster asked Sekhar to come to him to his office . As Sekhar went to the office the headmaster treated him well . The headmaster kept saying to Sekhar that he doesn't have any children but god gave him the music instead of them and that he kept pending his money for the music . The headmaster asked Sekhar to come to his home to hear and judge and that he want to know Sekhar's opinion . When Sekhar went to the headmaster's home and heared his music . The headmaster told Sekhar to tell him his opinion , at first Sekhar didn't want to say to him because his opinion won't like the headmaster but then Sekhar told him that his music is bad , and he croaks like dozen frog and also told him to stop spending his money on music . The headmaster thanked him for saying the truth and told Sekhar that he stopped spending his money on music . Finally , Sekhar's desires to be truthful clashes with the fact that people don't really want to hear the truth .The headmaster desire to be a great musician with the fact that he doesn,t have talent . If the headmaster invited Sekhar any other day he would have recieved the judge he wanted .
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