Seize the Moment

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Have you ever imagined that one day you will sit in front of your children talking about the happiness in your young age or a precious experience you have with your friends? Have you ever thought that you will look at a series of pictures that remind you of many sweet memories? Or have you ever wondered that you will talk about how you pursue your dreams when you are old? These are the questions that remind me of being brave to seize the moment in my lifetime.

In my young age, I am a person of action and guts. I liked to do what I wanted to do, try something that I had never experienced, and do what I thought was necessary to do. I could hang out with friends at midnight, see a horror movie by myself and ride a roller coaster. However, when I became a teenager like Werther, I became afraid of everything. I feared that if I had spent money on a trip, I would have become poor, that if I had bought a violin, I would have given up playing it one day, or that if I had gone out at midnight, I could have not get up early for class. Gradually, I felt less and less happiness in my daily life and even wondered that whether I had the ability to pursue anything desirable.

I used to talk with my friends about my dreams, such as being a host in a TV show or composing music. When the conversation ended, I always took them lightly and was easy to give up or forget them. However, one day I talked with a friend about my dream to be a violinist. He said to me, " Hey, go for it. It sounds very good." For the first time, I was surprised at the easy description about my pursuing dream. And then I asked myself "Why do I stay put and fear to learn how to play violin." "Yes," I said to him, " like a child that are willing to do everything, I should give it a shot and step forth even if I would therefore stumble down."

My teacher once said to me that do what I think that I would regret in the furture if I do not do it right away. Life cannot be retrieved or...
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