Seismic Vibration Control Strategies

Topics: Earthquake engineering, Earthquake, Building Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Seismic Vibration Control Strategies
Earthquake is a naturally occurring phenomenon, on which we have absolutely no control. Earthquakes keep occurring in different parts of the world and it is important to study and evaluate them closely, as they cause serious damage to the property and lives of humans. Earthquakes can be extremely dangerous and it is crucial for us to keep a track of the same in order to make sure that we take adequate precautionary measures for avoiding the same. Engineers of the world have done and are still doing their best to improve the same and make the world free from the dangers and hazards of the earthquakes. Seismic vibration control is one such approach that helps in mitigating and reducing the different seismic impacts that are caused to the building and non-building structures. There are devices, technologies and methods that are all clubbed together for making it easier and better for buildings to withstand the impacts of earthquakes. Below discussed are some of the major seismic vibration control strategies used as of today. -Dry stone walls control: people have started using the concept of dry stone walls, wherein different blocks of stones are used together to make the wall tight that reduces the impact of the earthquake on the same. Some of the major techniques used in dry stone walls control are energy dissipation and suppressing resonant amplifications. -Lead rubber bearing: lead rubber bearing is a special and a relatively new technique which is nothing but a base isolation process that involves the process of heavy damping. The process helps in the suppression of the different vibrations that further facilitates the protection of the buildings and the structures. -Friction pendulum bearing: this is a special technique, wherein three different pillars are used and employed for the purpose of supporting the structure and the basic built of the structure. The support is developed in a way such that the seismic vibration...
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