Seinfeld in Workplace

Topics: Termination of employment, Employment, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: September 30, 2012
'Seinfeld In The Workplace' By, Manpreet Chadha

1. What are the ethical dilemmas involved in this case?
According to me, the ethical dilemmas are whether it is sexual harassment when employees are sitting around talking and making jokes ? Till what extent are these jokes or comfort level allowed? Can discussing a racy Seinfeld episode be grounds for firing ? When exactly does a sexual reference or discussion encounter rise to the level of a hostile work environment? That hinges on whether a reasonable person would find the conversation offensive [and pervasive]. Talking About Sex; 'Where do you draw the line in the office?', the ethical dilemma is between the tension between a popular culture that encourages talk about sex and a workplace mentality that seeks to restrict it.

2. Do you think Mackenzie’s conduct was sexual harassment? What about the previous allegations of harassment? Should Miller have taken action then to prevent the so-called “Seinfeld episode”? Sexual harassment indeed is a a serious issue, in my opinion there is still no widely agreed upon definition of the concept. In this case I am confused if it was sexual harassment, as Mackenzie's intentions haven't been mentioned explicitly in the case. Nevertheless, he should have been more wary at choosing carefully who he shares his remarks, jokes, with and should have avoided sexually explicit discussions, comments, and gestures that could be perceived by a co-worker to be offensive can lead to a harassment claim. So far, in my opinion sexual harassment cases are the one's in which women are compelled to trade sexual favors for professional survival and occur when employment decisions on hiring, promotion, transfer, discipline, or termination are made on the basis of submission to or rejection of unwelcome sexual conduct. Jerold Mackenzie was fired by the Miller Brewing Company after recounting a...
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