Seiko Watches

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  • Published : December 28, 2011
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1) Problem Statement:
a. Core problem should be stated clearly in one paragraph (3-4 lines).

Problem is: launching spring drive technology under SEIKO name to reach it sales of 100.000 sold peaces by 2013.

b. Additional effects/consequences of the core problem might be explained in subsequent paragraphs. Low Brand recognition in Europe, how to increase the recognition of quality Preveriti ali obstaja tehnološki problem proizvodnje ur

Razlika med Credor in Seiko Grand v načinu proizvodnje ur ( internet )

1) Alternative Solutions:
Every team is expected to suggest at least 2 alternative solutions to the core problem. A solution is considered as such given its potential to address the main problem identified in point a). Please, avoid recommending a great solution #1 and a poor #2. Both should be of high quality as regards to their potential to solve the problem.

Alternative A.) Sell spring line watches under another name within Seiko ( Credor collection or Seiko Grand ) Alternative B. ) Partnership: Cooperate with Swiss company to increase the Visible vs. Credible and vice versa ( Corporate positioning )

2) Recommendation:
A comparison of the suggested alternatives should lead to the final recommendation of the team. Pros and cons of every alternative are encouraged.

Originality exclusivity and innovative mechanism
While precision and technology were valuable they might not command significant price premiums in the luxury watch market.

a) Pros:
a. Posledično bildamo brand
b. Tehnologija ostane v hiši
c. Izkoristimo ime
d. Nagovarjamo že obstoječe kupce v Aziji
e. Lažje reklamiranje zaradi obstoječih kupcev
b) Cons:
a. Velik finančni vložek v brand positioning
b. Velik časovni vložek


A) Pros:
a. Minimizing financial risk
b. Possibility of raising brand name...
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