Seiko Swot Analysis

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SWOT is an acronym of Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats that are essential to SEIKO Holdings Corporation and those various contingences of Sub Corporation across the worldwide in order to track down the company’s management strategic performances. This SWOT analysis is identifying the internal matters (Strength and Weakness) and external matters (Opportunity and Threats) for SEIKO Holdings Corporation to achieve their objectives and exclusive goals which they had never done before that. SWOT Analysis can help management to discover what business does better than other contingency companies. Besides that, various companies included SEIKO want to become successful in their management by going through SWOT Analysis environmental scanning tools. As these tools will indulge better performances on how does the company integrating cooperatively with the formulation of internal and external factors, which are Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. A good fit maximizes SEIKO’s strength and Opportunity and minimizes their Weakness and Threat will generate powerful implications towards the company’s future. Thus, a well know defined in SEIKO Holdings Corporation needed to be discovered further in their SWOT analysis as these matters are important to the corporations. The following SWOT analyses for SEIKO are as below:

* SEIKO provides a high standard of innovative and Research and Development towards technological based in watches. As for research based, we found out that SEIKO contribute a high standard of innovation and Research and Development (R&D) towards technological based in watches. SEIKO watches lead the world energy efficient watch making throughout the world who those others companies are not expert at it. Since their continuation of Research and Development by those expertise’s engineering in SEIKO watches Corporation Inc., they did contribute a higher level of productivity with an extraordinary innovative and creative based knowledge to sustain the corporation vision. For examples, SEIKO watches are produced with a highly based technology of energy saving plans for watchmaking in all its forms, such as Mechanical, Quartz, Solar Kinetic and Spring Devices known as SEIKO’S 4 TECHNOLOGY. As one of the devices contributed is Spring Devices watches, contrast many of the outline branded products that uses 2.5% power needed to run its famous 1969 predecessor with just 0.25 watts. One of the quotes in their corporation for Spring Drive product is: “Others have tried to make such a watch, but only SEIKO has achieved it” – Spring Drive Technology Exclusive to SEIKO This proves for SEIKO that they contribute the enhancement of watches which have owned provided self-technology in their products. This could lead them to a higher based productivity technology in watches which considered as their own strengths for the corporation. As SEIKO provides with an excellent leadership management, they are manage to pursue the SEIKO goals effectively and efficiently. SEIKO likely to be a strong based foundation in producing watches that gives advantages in the watch market based. Thus, vary competitors are agitated to compete with SEIKO are most common to be described. * SEIKO contributed leading watch manufacturer with the World first production of watches since 1969 till present (2011). Based on our research, SEIKO produce the first Quartz watch, named – “ SEIKO ASTRON” since 1969 and until 2010 they also produced the world’s first EPD watch with an active matrix system. As SEIKO have continues feedback from the users of SEIKO quartz watches, SEIKO able to rectify the problem easily with such supportive customers in the market.

SEIKO main challenges to sustain the Quartz watch from time to time in their size of watch and resistance against shock and temperature change. Since SEIKO able to contribute more and more innovative watches at a time, they able to improve the...
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