Topics: Need, Want, Better Pages: 3 (570 words) Published: May 9, 2008
3- Target market and Segments
The challenge for Telstra will be to stay ahead of Optus and Vodafone by providing the highest speed mobile services with the widest coverage. However, Telstra have also segmented their customers differently to their competitors in way which is specific in reaching the requirements of their customers. The seven consumer segments are listed below as a brief on how each segment considers itself. Friends, Fun & Fashion

“I want to stand out from the crowd in a fun and exciting way” •Highly sociable, wants social recognition
Wants fun and excitement and to escape boredom
Likes to be up on all the latest fashions and gadgets
Doesn’t want to be conventional
Tries to continuously improve her mind
Likes being in the vanguard in fashion and technology

Work Hard, Play Hard
“I work hard, play hard, and look good.”
places career first
low value on family and friends
wants and finds excitement in both work and play
wants to stimulate his senses and feel alive
wants to live life to the maximum
wants to express individuality and escape boredom.

Family & Self Development
“I want to make life harmonious for my family and myself by being a good parent and a good provider.”

Places a value on learning and development for them and their family •Sees life as serious, and rejects the value of fun and enjoyment •Concerned about a lack of control of her life
Places family first, but also values friends
Wants to reduce the stress in their life
Family Security

Principled Professional
“I want to achieve, learn, and be engaged in the community”

Values accomplishment
Wants to be respected as knowledgeable
Engaged in the world, and stays abreast of world affairs • Involved with community affairs
Tries to continuously improve their mind
Communications helps them stay organized and use time effectively

Family & Fun
“Life is about being comfortable and...
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