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Topics: Cosmetics, Psychographic, Brand management Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Target Market

This section of the marketing plan will be covering the target market for the M.A.C Bronzing Powder in “Refined Golden”. A target market is who the company specifically advertises its brands or products to. Demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral segmentations must be analyzed when considering the target market.

Demographic Segmentation

The primary target market of the M.A.C Bronzing Powder in “Refined Golden” is young women. “The line targeted young, socially conscious, politically liberal women...women who were coming into our own financially and who were making adult decisions about how to change the world at the same time that we were learning to put our best face forward”. (18, M.A.C Branding) The average age of consumers ranges from eighteen to thirty-five years of age, and the gender is female. Majority of the female consumers within the age range have children. Since the consumers are of a mature age and most have obtained a college education, the income level ranges from $100-$150k. The primary ethnicities of the target market are African American, Asian, and Hispanic. (19, M.A.C Cosmetics)

Geographic Segmentation
The geographic area would be in highly populated urban areas. Areas populated with many social venues, shopping centers, universities, and businesses are the the ideal places for the target market. The populations targeted are mature, young women living in urban and suburban areas with a diverse culture. There are many regions in the United States, such as New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and in the world where the target market may be identified.

Another target market for M.A.C Bronzing Powder in “Refined Golden” is men. Men are becoming more accepted and common in the cosmetic industry because of the more liberal and socially-accepting culture that the world is leading to. M.A.C is used in high-fashion industries for photo shoots and fashion shows. Male models are incredibly...
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