Seeking Out Perfection

Topics: Surgery, Reconstructive surgery, Plastic surgery Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Loni Jean Dangler
ENG 1113, Period F
Mrs. Meeks
7 October 2011

Seeking Out Perfection
Rita Rudner once said, “I don't plan to grow old gracefully. I plan to have face-lifts until my ears meet.” Many people use plastic surgery today, but it has been giving people second chances since the early 1800’s. People who have burns or that have been in accidents were given second chances at being the ideal image of “normal”. Some people are born with obesities in their genetics or are just over weight, and the only option is to receive plastic surgery. However, like most positive aspects in life, there are always negative results from time to time. Whether a person is receiving plastic surgery due to a tragic event, being over weight, or just for improving a minor flaw, they are seeking out the same end result. Indeed, many people are insecure with themselves and seek out plastic surgery as an opportunity to improve a few aspects. For some, it may be a simple nose job, but for others it is a longing to be that “perfect” image that society makes people believe that is able to be achieved. It will cost thousands of dollars to perform these extensive surgeries on picky patients, and many times the outcome is not exactly what they were hoping for. It is hard for a surgeon to perform a surgery on someone that has absolutely nothing wrong with them. Many people become addicted to the whole process of the surgeries because people believe it is improving there inner core as well as their outer appearance. It may have to do with some neglect or possible insults that the person might have endured in a previous time in their life. In contrast, some people are born with poor genetics and gain weight excessively or become obese. If this be the case, many people seriously consider lipo-suction as a way to treat this. Many people say that after the surgery, they have another opportunity to live a healthier life in a more appropriate way that they need to. They learn to diet...
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