Seeking Jobs for Ftuers!!

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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TOPIC 1: what jobs are suitable for FTUers? Provide job description for the ones you recommend. What is the advice for today’s job seekers? Hi everyone! Thank you very much for coming here today. I’m Linh. I’m a first year student of Foreign Trade University. As you all know seeking a suitable job is very important for everyone after graduating, and FTUers are not exceptions. So I’m here today to talk to you about that “hot” topic: Seeking jobs! My presentation’s not gonna take too long so I hope you’ll find it interesting. I have divided my presentation into three main parts. First of all, I’ll start with the advantage of FTUers. Second, I’ll show you what jobs are suitable for FTUers and provide a description for sales and marketing manager. And third, I’ll offer some advice for today’s job-seekers. Don’t worry! There’ll be plenty of time left over for questions at the end. Before starting, let me explain that I use “FTU” to stand for “Foreign Trade University” and “FTUers” are students of FTU. OK, let me go back to my first point: The advantage of FTUers. FTU is one of the most highly prestigious universities in Vietnam. FTU has gained enormous achievements in providing talented and high quality human resources to the economy and thus made great contribution to the cause of industrialization, modernization and global economic integration of the country. FTU is now offering a wide range of majors and specializations in economics, business, business administration, finance and banking and foreign languages. Students from FTU are recognized as being active and well-qualified. Most graduates from our university are likely to get the top priority of selection when they apply for jobs in companies and organizations in Vietnam. In some areas, FTUers are more needed by employers than the students majoring in the area itself (for example: in banking, FTU candidates are said to be more competitive than ones from Banking Institution). What I mean is that being an...