"Seek and You Shall Find, Neglect and You Will Lose Them" - Mencius

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“Seek and you will find, Neglect and you will lose them” -Mencius
This is one of the famous words of Mencius (371-288 B.C.E) who is a famous Philosopher in China. I have read that Mencius believed that, “Nature is Good and not evil”, which I believe is true. It’s us all up to us whether we do good things or bad. Sometimes people do ‘bad things, but ended up thinking what they did was wrong and they will feel regret. I strongly believe that people know the difference between the good and the bad, and it simply tells me that good is in everyone of us, it’s just that sometimes we tend to take the wrong path. I agree to disagree with what he said. Although, sometimes, good comes with the bad. But I think that bad things happen just so we could see what good is. Maybe that is why he said “Seek and you will find’. Our life is full of question about the unknown, and we just couldn’t stop ourselves looking for “It”, the thing that we know is good, and will make us better. Whether it be Goals, Dreams, Love, Nirvana, or even just material things. Cos we know that if we have it, it will make us better. That is why we give our all. People look for things that they don’t know, just for the sake of holding on to something. Like a belief, even if we know that we might not know, and we don’t even know if it’s real or not. We would still look for it, No matter what. Just like Francois Rabelais’ (A great Renaissance French writer) last words, “I Go to seek a Great Perhaps”. When he said “Seek”, it means a quest. People always go after something, even if it’s just nothing. We always go out and look to see what we can find. And “The Great Perhaps”, is something about dying. I know it’s kind of cynical to say that it’s about dying. But I think “The great perhaps’ is heaven. And that it is Just a perhaps! We don’t really know if there is one. I Guess, what Mencius meant about the word “Seek” is Adventure. And in layman’s term, Adventure is an exciting or remarkable experience....
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