Seeds of Evil

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  • Published: May 6, 2014
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Seeds of Evil
The greatness of Shakespeare’s plays and the reason why modern scholars still study Shakespeare is because the play’s themes, morals, and conflicts transcend time. The relevance of Shakespeare plays to modern time is important because even in modern times, the audience and the performers can learn new morals from the plays and enjoy the play by relating to the characters. Although the audience will definitely acquire some knowledge from Shakespeare’s plays, the interpretations and understanding of the morals depend heavily on how much the performers know the characters that the thespians play, especially in Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. Shakespeare’s “King Lear” has the most complex characters from all of the author’s plays. The antagonists are the most difficult characters to act out because a simple misuse of tone from the performer can have significant effects on the audience; therefore, explicating the antagonists from little hints in the play is very important. The performers and directors can find plenty of evidence, hints and clues in the play which proves that Edmund, Goneril and Regan are not merely simple characters that are only motivated by pure evil. For Example, a hint of why the antagonists are not as simple characters as stereotypical Shakespearian witch-like villains is because the antagonists lack a fool in which proves that the villains are merely misguided. Learning that the antagonists are not just simple characters is important because then, the performers and directors know that intricately learning the backgrounds of the villains can drastically improve the play; therefore, looking at the background and motives of each of the antagonists is key. One reason to the evil motives of the antagonists is because of status, especially for Edmund. Finally, an evident reason for the rebellion of the antagonists is because of family issues. The performers need to be informed of the turmoil, sadness and anger in the...
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