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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Making A Heart Connection

After reading Paul Fleischman’s (2002), “Seedfolks”, Kim demonstrated that making a heart connection with a departed loved one is possible with a strong desire and effort. The special nature of father-child relationship is unique with each child. The basic nature and responsibility of a father is to provide material and emotional needs and to protect the child from harm and/or danger. The child should feel free to verbally express him/herself with a sense of security - all of which would enhance the child’s potential to become his/her best person. When the parent is deceased it can be a challenge to embrace life until you began to seek the true life history of your loved one and perhaps, discover yourself. “I stared at my father’s photograph-his thin face stern, lips latched tight, his eyes peering permanently to the right” (Fleischman, 2002, p.1). “I was nine years old and still hoped that perhaps his eyes might move” (Fleischman, 2002, p.1)”. “ Might notice me” (Fleischman, 2002, p.1). “ Here in Cleveland people call it spring” (Fleischman, 2002, p.2). Kim was a little girl, who lived in Cleveland with her mother and sisters who mourned the loss of her father. Looking at his photograph only reinforced the painful fact that she never experienced a daughter-father relationship that she so desperately missed. Her desire for her father to see her was so profound that she wished that he could see her from his eyes in the photograph. I lost my father seventeen years ago. While I grew up with my father, I did not know him because of the emotional distance. While he was a wonderful provider, a devout Christian, I knew him as a strict disciplinarian. The heart-to-heart connection was unfortunately missed and he was a stranger to me. “The candles and the incense sticks, lit the day before to mark his death anniversary, had burned out (Fleischman, 2002, p.2.). “The ice and meat offered him were...
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