Topics: Testosterone, Anabolic steroid, Steroid Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: May 20, 2013
The Pros of Steroid testing in High School
In today's world, high school sports are a huge deal to many people. It can create large amounts of money, generate revenue for the high school and offer high school athletes the chance to play in the NCAA. Some high school athletes will go as far as taking steroids so they can “bulk” up, which means to increase muscle mass. They will do whatever it takes because they feel the chance to play sports in college is far more important than their own body. What the athletes do not know is the negative effect of steroids creates, in their body. Steroids can cause deep mood swings and internal damage in the human body. High school athletes also do not understand how they will be looked at if they do get caught. Steroid users are constantly looked down upon by other athletes, because they view the users as people who cheated the sport, and disrespected the players who they play with. Steroid users are usually labeled as cheaters even in the pros. There are many pro athletes that have taken steroids and are now looked at as cheaters. Pros such as Roger Clemens, Mark Mcgwire, and Marion Jones. These athletes’ careers are “forever tarnished by their poor decisions.” (Adler) However, even though steroid testing in high school may seem like the obvious “right” choice, many people are hesitant because of the amount of money it takes to administer one steroid test on one high school athlete. In a test for 100,000 high school athletes in Texas 99% of all athletes did not use steroids. Is it really worth the money? Drug testing should be allowed because it provides a fair playing ground for all high school athletes. Steroids give athletes the chance to get bigger and faster. This is unfair to other athletes that actually work hard to improve themselves physically by training and weightlifting. There is a “relentless pressure for high school athletes to win” (Scelfo) The pressure may be so great for high School...
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