Seed Germination

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Seed Germination Lab Report Outline
Due: FRIDAY, SEP. 28

What question will your experiment answer?

Three reliable sources with authors and/or publisher and date last updated. You cannot use Wikipedia. Please print out all internet sources with highlighted information you will put in your own words in your introduction. ***Staple your research to this paper!!!!!!

*Must be testable.
*Must make a prediction that addresses your question.
*Must formulate after you have researched your question.

*Must be at least 5-7 complete sentences.
*Must include your question, research, and hypothesis (in that order).

Seed Germination Lab Report Outline
Due: Friday, April 9th
Check Point 2 – Daily Grade
*You may only use the available materials – nothing else unless pre-approved. *You must quantify the materials. For example, if you use two beans, you must have two beans in your list. *Must be a list. No complete sentences.

*Make sure to include everything you will use such as a marker to write your name on the bag.

*Do not write in paragraph format. Write your procedure in step by step format. *Must be specific. Your experiment should be able to be replicated exactly if performed by someone else. Ex: Step 1 – Gather all needed, pre-approved materials.

Seed Germination Lab Report Outline
Due: Monday, April 19th
Check Point 3 – Daily Grade

Qualitative Observations vs. Quantitative Observations
*Paragraph form*Data table with descriptive title
*Describing each day – *Measurements with ruler and units
Color, shape, texture, smell…

Day 1 – Monday, April 12th
Qualitative Data: Quantitative Data:

Day 2 – Wednesday, April 14th
Qualitative Data: Quantitative Data:

Day 3 – Friday, April 16th
Qualitative Data:...
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