See You Later My Friend

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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See You Later My Friend
It always seems to amaze me how quickly change occurs, Like the wind blowing in fresh air, I know things never stay the same, But this time it’’s just not fair. I feel like I just met you and now you move away And I smile shyly knowing that this is your last day. I pray we’ll keep in touch, I pray, because the past I’d say those things and try it but those things don’t seem to last You’re the first friend that I met here I cherish you a bunch And although our times been short, know, I love you very much I will always be here for you, to talk to listen to write, At the very least in spirit, if I’m not in clear plain sight, Email, write or call me, I’ll always lend an ear, My schedules not so crazy, you know I’m always here. I know that one day I will visit you and you’ll be back I’m sure...
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