"See What I'M Saying" Video Response

Topics: Hearing impairment, Audiogram, Hearing Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 18, 2013
“See What I’m Saying”
“See What I’m Saying” was a video on how difficult it can sometimes be for the Deaf community to be “heard” by the hearing community. This video showed us four different Deaf people and their daily and life struggles. This video was kind of hard to watch without getting upset and even at yourself. It showed how even finding an apartment to live in is hard, along with trying to have an job. You know you are good at this certain job, but no one seems to want to even give their time to see if you are good. They just automatically assume that because you’re Deaf that you can’t sing, play musical instruments or act. When in reality they are better than most hearing people because they are more emotionally attached it seems like. I watched in amazement as Robert went through the subways without being able to hear the beeps and other noises that allow people to know certain things. Also, when CJ was at the airport and he couldn’t hear the flights and things being called, so he had a person go with him so he would know what was even going on. You would think in America today people would be more understanding to other’s needs and try to help accommodate them, like we would any other human being. 1. Why can some deaf people speak clearer than others?

Oral language is learned by listening. Children learn to speak by listening to what others say, understanding speech, mimicking and playing with vocal sounds, making closer and closer approximations of spoken words, and during all of this time experimenting with and formulating the underlying rules of the language they are exposed to. Most children with normal hearing have learned to speak reasonably well by the time they are 3 to 6 years old. If a hearing loss is present at birth or before the age of 3, it will be more difficult for the person to learn to speak, read, and write a language because he/she has never heard it spoken. If the loss occurs after age 3, the person will be able to speak,...
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