See the Truth, Perceive the Lie

Topics: Perception, Concept, Truth Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: March 31, 2013
See the truth, perceive the lie
Nietzsche explains nature as an overall relative to humans; he proposes a potent and significant explanation of the development of language and the realization of concepts. He achieves this by exploiting the successive effects on human awareness. He suggests that originally humans were "an artistically creating subject" as he puts it. Whose essential human determination is the construction of metaphors? Due to evolution, humankind developed a capacity to reason, distrust, remember, and control. Humans were driven by instincts which established themselves directly into inventive sounds, gestures and metaphors. Humans thereof signify the motivation, which ultimately develops into the base of language. As a result, humans manipulate this metaphor of understanding a stimulus, which may well vary from one to another; as it is totally subjective. The ossification of language begins, these instinctual sounds are combined and expanded throughout a community, and arise to turn into ordered and solid words which in sequence combine into a progressively established language. In such manner, language turns into an unyielding, sum of common notions, perceptions, and ideas. Now, as soon as the reader gets comfortable with Nietzsche’s view of language. Everything changes, language arbitrates amongst the human perception and the reality being sensed, this transition happens when he explains that, in order for us to further study the development of concepts. We need consider that “every concept arises from the equation of unequal things” which he considers “cases which are never equal and thus altogether unequal”, in other words, every word immediately becomes a concept exactly to the extent that it is not intended to function as a reminder of the sole and fully individual unique experience to which it owes its source; but it would be better to say, a word converts into a concept in that it all together has to fit a myriad more or less...
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