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Topics: Employment, Want, Ethics Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Case Application 1: Work/Life Balance at Baxter
1. I believe the role, work/life balance, play in the success of an organization. An employee wants to know and feel as though their employer cares for them and their family. When an employer cares this in turn compels the employee to return the favor by being productive. This creates for the employee the will to give your all to the company. When an employer recognizes that alternate work arrangements, such as part time work, job sharing, compressed work week, and telecommuting, can be a way to meet the employees needs for balance and flexibility this lessens the stress capacity of their employees. Non-stressed employees have the opportunity to be very productive while working for that company. According to “Work/Life Balance at Baxter” the company have grown steadily to 45,000 employments in 200 facilities worldwide. Work/Life balance is part of the culture at Baxter. 2.Diversity in an organization affect the organization’s work/life balance by requiring employers to be more sensitive to the differences that each group brings to the work setting. Employers may have to shift their work setting. Employers may have to shift their philosophy from treating everyone alike to recognizing individual differences and responding to those differences in ways that will ensure employee retention and greater productivity. They must recognize and deal with the different values, needs, interests and expectations of employees. They must avoid any practice or action that can be interpreted as being sexist, racist, or offensive to any particular group and ofcourse must not illegally discriminate against any employee. Employers also must find ways to assist employees in managing work/life issues. The ethical considerations that exist that my drive the organizations to be more work/life balanced are to reduce overtime, minimize burnout, and reduce turnover due to overwork. One of the five fundamental ethical...
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