Sedentary Lifestyle Research

Topics: Obesity, Cancer, Overweight Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Sedentary lifestyle Research:
The Negatives of Sedentary Lifestyle

Xi Zhang

HNES 100, 2012 Fall Semester, Small Activity Group 7
Paul Christianson
November 26, 2012
Xi Zhang
HNES 100
November 26, 2012

Sedentary lifestyle Research: The Negatives of Sedentary Lifestyle As the human society develops, humans do not need to be busy run about food any more. But more and more people form a bad lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is a kind of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. These kinds of persons are people who go out of their way to be lazy, rather than just lying down or watching TV when there is simply nothing else to do ("Prevalence of Sedentary Lifestyle"). So, sedentary lifestyle is very bad for human’s health. We should avoid sedentary lifestyle. Although I think sedentary lifestyle is a bad lifestyle and be bad for me, my lifestyle is somewhat sedentary lifestyle actually. The aim of this article is to compare my current average sedentary lifestyle to national standards, and discuss the negative health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. There are four categories of sedentary behaviors, which ideally, should all be measured. They are screen time, socializing, motorized transport, and homework or reading. The first two kinds of sedentary behaviors are the most dominant, but all of them are significant sedentary behaviors. I do not like to watch TV and text messages with my friends, so the time I spend on socializing is little. Most of my screen time is in front of computer. My screen time is around four hours per day. According to “American Time Use Survey 2011 Results,” watching TV occupied the most time, 2.8 hours per day. Socializing was the next most common leisure activity, accounting for nearly three-quarters of an hour per day. So my screen time and socializing time is somewhat more than national standards. I hardly use time to site on car because I live nearby university I...
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