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A security survey at Reedy Recovery Company was conducted on September 15, 2011 by Amy Reedy who was invited and retained by DeVry University for a security assessment. Information in the report was obtained from James Write, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial officer, and Rhonda Forbes, Facilities Manager, personal observations were done by James Write during the inspection of the DeVry facility. The intentions of this report are a detailed audit of all security aspects and phases of the Reedy Recovery Company. Our company will review and evaluate areas and activities that are considered most vulnerable to theft and safety risks. It is not the intentions of Reedy Recovery Company or the writer of this report to evaluate DeVry’s employees or their integrity and this is not what this report will attempt to do. We are solely here for the security of the company alone. Summary

Reedy Recovery Company is a business that acquires PC components from a number of sources, we then look them over and transform them to perform better and enhance security features on them and return them back to our clients. We are a company owned 80 percent by Pccorp and 20 percent Other services include building and assembly of Pc’s. We at Reedy Recovery Company are ranked number one in the market in the PC security industry. The Reedy Recovery Company has a great process in handling our clients merchandise and it is a very promising and satisfactory process. All of our products are equipped with ESN or model numbers, these can be scanned or imputed my hand by the receiver of the product. This insures that the product is imputed in to our computerized inventory tracking system and is safe and secure until ready for repair or production. When handled by each person in the process of repairs they are also required to scan or hand enter the model number so you the client can see where your merchandise is and it what stage it is at so you have an idea of the retrieval of your product. Before it is placed with the rest of the shipments it is scanned again so that the tracking of your device is easy for you to follow allowing you to know the date of delivery. Details

General information
The DeVry Center is located on a four-acre plot of land in downtown New York City. It is a 30-story corporate tower high-rise, which includes 1,250 underground parking garage spaces and a rooftop garden. Construction of the building was completed in December of 2008, and 27 of the 30 floors are occupied by tenants. Currently, there are 1,800 tenants in the building, which has a maximum capacity of 2,000. There are several computer rooms, a restricted control and observation room, a records room, human resource area which contains records, scanners and critical information.

Since the end of construction in December of 2008 they have designed different access to areas to limit employees from entering an area in which they are not granted access. Due to the heavy and ongoing work of these employees, future or potential employees are processed by Reedy Recovery Company. In which we do back ground checks and drug screening. All employees present and future need sign a confidentially agreement stating that at any given time and without giving them a reason that their office space, computers, emails and files may be searched. And any employee not willing to sign this agreement may be asked to leave the company or can chose not to be hired as a direct result of not signing the agreement. Physical security

DeVry is a 24 hour operating facility from the hours of 8am to 5pm there is a receptionist stationed at the front reception desk. Beginning at 5pm a security officer takes the place of the receptionist. Badges with bar codes are provided for every employee and visitor that contains their credentials, on it showing who they are what areas they are allowed to visit and what position they maintain at the company. A sign in log is also located on the...
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