Security Site Survey

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Security Site Survey Report
National Defense Solutions
113 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10280
File# 8015

The security survey at National Defense Solutions was conducted on May 14, 2009 by Tarquin Shipman who was retained by Devry University for this purpose. Information set forth in this report was obtained Michelle Castro, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, and from Terrence Graham, Facility Manager, and from personal observations from Tarquin Shipman during the inspection of this facility. This report is intended as a detailed audit of all the phases of the National Defense Solutions operations as well as a review and evaluation of those areas and activities most vulnerable to theft or safety risk. Neither the National Defense Solutions organization nor the writer of this report is in a position to evaluate the integrity of the employees of the Devry Center and this report does not attempt to do so.

National Defense Solutions is in the business of taking what is given and coming up with the best solution to enhance the features and protect its assets. National Defense Solution also specializes in crisis situations in helping to incorporate planning and preparing individuals for the worst scenario. From contingency to crisis management to physical security systems, National Defense stands in the top ten for its effectiveness in helping organizations decrease the risk of crime, bounce back from natural disasters, and choosing the best security system. In today’s society, most of the crime is either committed from within or by individuals not being fully aware. National Defense Solutions offers updated scenarios based on security risk and why we should be aware at its website which can be located at and clicking on awareness. There are scenarios for CEO’s, managers, small business owners, and home owners looking to get information on the best affordable and effective ways of protecting assets. Details

General Information
The Devry Center is located on a four acre plot of land in downtown New York City. It is a 30-story corporate tower high-rise, which includes 1,250 underground parking garage spaces and a rooftop garden. Construction of the building was completed in December of 2008, and 27 of the 30 floors are occupied by tenants. Currently, there are 1,800 tenants in the building, which has a maximum capacity of 2,000. The center is surrounded by small business and local shops that accommodate the tenants that live in the area. With all the business in the area, it is starting to become more of a risk because the more business the more a crime is likely to happen. When the building was under construction, there were questions about whether or not fencing was appropriate, but it was never included due to the risk of decreasing natural surveillance. As the numbers start to increase, it is good to make sure that building policy is available to all the tenants and that they are aware of the rules and regulations. The doors to the building remain unlocked allowing anyone to enter into the main lobby. Tenants are constantly in and out because of the local stores and shops in the area. The first three floors of the building is used by the staff that works in the building to include janitors, receptionist, and security guards on duty. There is a break room and additional lobby or dayroom for the staff to utilize during breaks or lunches to avoid the risks of leaving the area for long periods of time. Physical Security

Security Guards are there 24/7 completing roving and patrols every hour and sometimes every forty-five minutes. They change up their roving patrols to keep from being too routine because criminals can predict when they want to anticipate a crime if the same routine is being given. Security guards have their own office on the second floor where they can monitor CCTV’s and complete reports. During...
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