Security Plan

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Security Plan
The ABC Valve Plant manufactures valves from brass for everything from homes to large pipelines and water mains. The brass is heated to a melting point, poured into molds of components, and then assembled. This plant is located in bad neighborhoods where poverty is always on the rise. The premises is very big and has approximately has 800 employees which can be a greater risk for business theft. Especially when the employees can come and go whenever they want or they have breaks, meals, or other reasons they might come back and leave. Also this plant operates six days a week from 7 a.m. till midnight so creates a greater risk because it’s open until midnight which is when more thefts can occur.

Some of the bad things in the ABC Valve Plant is that the premises do not have any type of fencing, and the only lights are provided by four mercury vapor street lights located at the corners of each intersection. Also, the only intrusion alarm system is located in the Administration building which contains the company’s computer facilities. Another important thing that requires more attention is that the premises are only guard by one guard 24 hours per day. There is no check in/check out points for any of the employees which can be easier for them to steal.

The furnace of the building prevents the fire protection system. The building does not have any fire extinguishers systems only alarm switches. The sprinkler system can only be activated by pulling one of the alarm switches located along the production line. My first recommendation for this plant is to have the property more closed to stop anybody from trying to burglarize or vandalize. For example they can have all the plant ensured with high security fence which won’t allow anybody to jump over the fence. The fence that has swirled wire on top so if anybody tries jumping it, it will cut their hands. I know that this fence can’t be 100 percent to stop them from jumping but...
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