Security Plan

Topics: Security, Computer security, Risk Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Security Plan
Ashley Barker
Introduction to Security
Instructor Collins
November 9, 2012

This assignment will be on the Clifton Liquor Store located in Clifton, Colorado. This essay will explain the entire floor plan of the store. Moving forward we will discuss the threats and evaluate the risk of each threat. We will point out the times in which the store is most vulnerable for each threat as well as counter-measures for each threat. We will then discuss the security measures the liquor store has put into place. Lastly we will point out the plans in place in an emergency situation such as a fire or a bomb threat.

This particular liquor store is approximately five thousand square feet. On the exterior of the building there are three windows in the front of the store. The first window is located in the front west corner of the building. The second and third windows are located in the left cent of the front east corner of the building. There are four entrances into the building. The first door is located in the direct center of the North side of the building. The second and third doors are located on the east side of the building.

Now having laid out the exterior of the store we will discuss the interior of the store. When first walking in to the liquor store you look to your left which is where the three registers are located with a clear view of the entire store. Just beyond the registers are five isles of liquor and two sets of display coolers that are back to back and flush with each other making a wall in the center of the store. As you move through the store you will see another set of isles filled with liquor and two display coolers making the shape of an L in the back of the store. Behind the coolers that are shaped like an L there is an actual stock cooler in which they keep their cooled products until they put them in the display cooler. In this particular cooler there is two doors both described in the exterior plan of the building one...
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