Security on Schools

Topics: Security guard, Security, High school Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Priscilla Herrera
English 1301
Baldemar Perez
March 11, 2013
More Security and Less Tragedy
A tragedy headlined most newspapers at the end of the year of 2012. “The massacre at The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.” This tragedy left the whole nation breathless. The reality is that what is done is done and there is no way to go back and fix it, but there are many improvements that can be done in order to prevent an event like this from happening again. Surely this event has not been the first shooting conducted in a school of any type, but it has been the one where the most children assassinations have occurred. It is clear that such violent incidents need to be prevented from happening and that there is always something that can be done to accomplish a goal that includes safer and less vulnerable schools. Security should be enforced in the buildings. It would be great for every school to have bullet proof doors and windows or at least more resistant locks. There should be a reinforced security system at the main entrance of every school to prevent strangers from coming into the building without previous identification and metal detection. All outside doors must be locked at all times to prevent someone from coming in but not everyone else from getting out. Sheriff's and local police men should be guarding schools as well; they should ride around schools at least every two hours to make sure nothing strange is happening. In high schools, colleges, and universities students should be requested to pass a security revision before entering the buildings to avoid any violent event other than simple fights between students from happening on the inside of campuses and buildings. It is of common knowledge for everyone that tragedies can occur at any time. It takes just one person to see what is being done wrong or what is left to do to take advantage of the situation. In fact the incidents that have occurred in schools in the past are evidence that show...
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