Security Objective Components

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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Over the years we have seen many shootings, bombings, and arson. Not only have we had to deal with these problems but we have had them occur in the most unlikely and considered to be some of the safest places for people. Some of these places have been schools, churches, malls, even libraries. These issues have forced us to turn toward security more than ever. In the article on page 109 of the text book a person could find many issues that one would want to address when assessing security, as well as some that are less important. The place that was listed in the article was a church, normally speaking churches are very unsecure but still considered safe due to their deep moral standards (Clifford, 2004). In a place such as this I would think that one would like to increase their physical security most of all. By increasing one physical security you will be better prepared for any kind of situation that arises as well as deter some of the criminal element. Things such as cameras and metal detectors would be the least pertinent and counterproductive. This is because one must think about the coast versus the value, the cost for one to maintain this equipment and man it would outweigh its value to the church. Physical security guards can contribute greatly to the safety of the church and the occupants inside. One of the first things that a security crew could change is the loitering of suspicious people that do not belong to the church. By having a 24 hours security team working in 12 hour shifts you give people less of an opportunity to plant bombs or set the establishment on fire when people are not around. again one of the largest thing that a physical security team can off is just being there for people to see, this will most definitely deter people from bringing firearms, bombs, or setting the church on fire. If a person looks distraught or like they might hurt someone the security officers could stop the individual and try to help deescalate the...
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