Security Objective Components

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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As humans, in our world, we have to live our lives with precautions but we can’t prepare for everything that is going to happen to us. There is always the possibility of danger. Religion seems to be a complicated thing in our modern world. It is sad that it has come to hostility and hatefulness towards religions but since this has been a frequent occurrence, churches and religions have made it in the news a lot. Places where people gather are more susceptible to security problems. Malls are even dangerous, schools, or anywhere.

I think that individuals should take some kind of precaution and put forth some kind planning for situations that are mostly likely unlikely to happen; even businesses should take these precautions as well. There are countermeasures like Neighborhood Watch programs to keep neighborhoods safe, businesses, and other places within the “neighborhood.”

On March 12th 2005, in Wisconsin a man killed seven people in a church service, and then himself. (Dorfman) This kind of situation can seem so unbelievable, but situations like these are becoming all too common in modern days. Just like schools and big businesses, churches want to protect the people that gather in their holding. Due to instances such as above, churches are trying to discover new ways to protect their members. Over time, emergency preparedness for all facilities has changed. This being said, it has come term to have a different meaning as well. It used to mean, especially for schools, to prepare for severe weather or the instance of fire.

Besides hoping for safety by the business you are in, I think it is important to have some kind of individual preparedness for an unexpected event. Security professionals aren’t always sufficiently trained for unexpected situations. I am talking about situations concerning arson, bombings, or shootings.

In the situation of a person bringing a bomb on to the premise, there would be less time available to come up with a response...
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