Security Objective Component

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Security Objective Component

I believe that the personnel security would be the best component for the article of “The Sanctuary Has Been Broken-and Burned” because from what I know of churches, I don’t believe that churches have any security cameras or any security at all. With the churches being free of any security, the church is left for any individual to be on the outside of the church without being watched by any surveillance so it would be easier to get away with vandalism or in some of the other criminal mischief that was talked about in the article. I believe that if churches were able to put up security cameras to catch the outside vandals, and even though it would not prevent all of the crimes, I believe that it would help prevent the attackers while church is in service. I think that the information security would be the less pertinent because I don’t think that any vandal or anybody who wants to hurt people within the church by shooting at them would be concerned with any documents or paperwork within any church. I don’t think that any disturbed person who wants to do a shootout would be concerned with any paperwork or documents that would be within a church, and if there were security cameras and at least one security personnel who could watch the security cameras for any suspicious activity and hopefully stop a disturbed person(s) from doing a shoot-out. I think that some countermeasures that could be taken besides the security cameras would be doing things such as watching for bizarre behavior as well as a possible security guard for some of the more targeted churches. I think that because some of the terrorist acts that are committed such as bombs and arson, there are not many options to stop them that I know of besides the security cameras that I suggested earlier in the paper. The only other thing that I can think of is having a special bomb team trained and prepared for any bomb attempt or scare somewhere in a nearby location such as...
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