Security Manager Role

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Security Manager Role
To understand the role(s) of a Security Manager, a person must know what security is and what it means to an organization. According to Ortmeier, “security may be defined as a public or private service-related activity that provides personnel, equipment, and creates policies and procedures designed to prevent or reduce losses. These losses, caused by criminal action as well as by noncriminal events resulting from human error, emergencies, man-made and natural disasters, and business intelligence collection by competitors”. (2009). Security takes into account all actions and objectives intended to meet asset safeguard goals to make certain that security problems do not occur. Management of security is defined as multifaceted and interdisciplinary. Security for an organization includes the use of criminal and civil law, inspections, sleuthing, profiling, business management, strategy proposals, psychology, sociology, and technology to shield persons and property. A security manager’s role varies, according to the organizational structure. A security manager takes on managerial, administrative, preventative, and investigative responsibilities and functions. The Managerial Role

The security personnel’s managerial role, as stated by Ortmeier would entail the selection, training, scheduling, supervising, and the evaluation of security personnel. In addition to the aforesaid, the role of manager includes the responsibilities of productivity and improvements, morale, compensation, the employee’s welfare, attitudes, and expectations (2009).

The Administrative Role
Security manager’s administrative role encompasses the formation of the security’s organizational vision, mission, goals, and objectives. The security manager decides how the security operation should be set up and who will perform the security-related tasks. These managers also decide if security will be kept in-house or out-sourced or have a combination of the two. The Preventive Role

The security manager’s preventive role necessitates the accountability for the prevention of loss from any source. The ultimate goal of the security manager is to distinguish what are or can be problems and to diminish or prevent the risk from occurring. The Investigative Role

The security manager is not a public police officer. Security personnel are specially trained in security services not in law enforcement. The security manager’s knowledge in this area includes intelligence gathering capabilities and investigative skills. Information Technology Security Managers

Information technology security managers are the keepers of confidential information. The Open Guide states that information security refers to confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The mission of IT security managers is to prevent any breach of IT services and data within the organizational requirements at acceptable cost. In today's economy with all of the hacking and stealing of information, the IT department and the security department need each other. The IT department is the protector of information and the security department is the protector of lives and assets. The company’s information is an asset in one form or another, either electronic or written. Hardcopy and electronic information needs to be protected from theft. If electronic information is backed up in any form, it has to be kept safe and secure in a location that can be accessed at a later time, if needed. Security personnel need to know where the information is to be located so that a security plan can be put into place to secure said information. If backups need to be moved, security can be on hand to transfer information, whether it is down the hall or to another location (2011). Airline Security Managers

According to Powers, who wrote the job description for an airline security manager says that, the airline security manager’s purpose is to provide the supervision of the airline’s operational security...
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