Security Lab

Topics: Open source, Computer software, Computer network Pages: 4 (500 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Technical Education
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Sixth Semester

Subject: Network Security Lab

Contact Hrs / week: 6 Total hrs: 96

1) For all experiments the student must and should install software’s. After the demonstrate the same be uninstalled. Each batch has to learn to install and use the tools. You ca use any other equivalent softwares other then the mentioned one. 2)The lab should have structured network with 2 mbps internet line. Using Virutal Box, Two OS can be installed on one machine, where in one OS acts as a client and other acts a server. |SN |TOPIC | |1 |Learn to install Wine/Virtual Box/ or any other equivalent s/w on the host OS | |2 |Perform an experiment to grab a banner with telnet and perform the task using Netcat | |3 |Perform an experiment for Port Scanning with nmap, superscan or any other equivalent software | |4 |Using nmap 1)Find Open ports on a system 2) Find machines which are active 3)Find the version of remote OS on other | | |systems 4)Find the version of s/w installed on other system (using nmap or any othe software) | |5 |Perform an experiment on Active and Passive finger printing using XProbe2 and nmap | |6 |Performa an experiment to demonstrate how to sniff for router traffic by using the tool Cain and Abel / wireshark / | | |tcpdump | |7 |Performa an experiment how to use DumpSec. | |8...
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