Security Issues in Cloud Computing

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Analysing Various Security Aspects of Web and Mobile Cloud Computing


In this paper, we have discussed security issues for web and mobile cloud computing. Cloud computing provides Internet-based services, computing, and storage for users in all markets including financial, healthcare, and government. This new approach to computing allows users to avoid upfront hardware and software investments, gain flexibility, collaborate with others, and take advantage of the sophisticated services that cloud providers offer. However, security is a huge concern for cloud users. Mobile cloud computing could be defined as – the availability of cloud computing services in a mobile ecosystem. This includes many elements like consumer, enterprise, transcending, end to end security, home gateways and mobile broadband enabled services. Also since the terms ‘mobile’ and ‘wireless’ are used interchangeably, now consider here Mobile – ‘anywhere anytime’ and wireless is ‘without wires’. Thus mobile is ‘wireless’. Hence, we are talking of ‘anywhere anytime secure data accesses to analyze the security risks confronted by mobile computing and present the existing security mechanisms. Cloud computing is the next generation of networking, since it can deliver both software and hardware as on demand resources and services over the Internet. Clearly, Security is major issue in cloud computing.

Keywords— Mobile cloud computing, Security Concern, Services.


Many people enjoy the various services catch by mobile computing; it is adopted as a global trend in today’s world. At the same time, securing mobile computing has been paid increasing attention. In this article, we discuss the Security issues in different cloud computing environment. [1] We analyze the security risks confronted by mobile computing and present the existing security mechanisms. The cloud model has motivated industry and academia to adopt cloud computing to host a wide spectrum of applications ranging from high computationally intensive applications down to light weight services. Security is considered a key feature for cloud computing consolidation as a robust and feasible multi-purpose solution [2]. This viewpoint is shared by many distinct

groups, such as academia researchers [3], business decision makers [4] and government organizations [5], [6]. The many similarities in these perspectives indicate a grave concern on crucial security and legal obstacles for cloud computing, including service availability, data confidentiality, provider lock-in and reputation fate sharing [7]. These concerns include not only existing problems, directly inherited from the adopted technologies, but also new issues derived from the composition of essential cloud computing features like scalability, resource sharing and virtualization (e.g., data leakage and hypervisor vulnerabilities) [8]. The distinction between these classes is more easily identifiable by analyzing the definition of the essential cloud computing characteristics primarily proposed by the NIST(National Institute of standard and technology ) in [9], which also introduces the concepts of service models (SaaS, PaasS, and IaaS) and deployment models (private, public, community and hybrid clouds). Fig.1 shows the basic cloud architecture include the various service providers associated with different elements of cloud. Several of the above mentioned service models.


Figure1-Basic Model of Cloud Computing

2. SECURITY Concern

Amazon's S3 and EC2 suffered a three-hour outage in February 2008. Although an SLA provides data recovery and service credits for this type of outage, consumers lost sales opportunities and executives could not able to give critical business information they needed during the outage [10]. There are several areas to need security as below

1. Secure data transfer
It is sure that your data...
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