Security Issues

Topics: Security, Computer security, National security Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Name: Joseph Odechie Bossman
class: 2011 MIS
Course: Operating Systems (Aelaf Dafla)
Article Title: When a security Breach hits Home. By Steve Fox.

The article talks about the most unexpected of data breaches. Mostly in cyber crime, data-thieves, target large-scale networks as a means of hijacking important information about credit card numbers of customers or other bank details. However, in this situation, the on-campus clinic database of UC Berkeley (University of California) was breached. "Coughing up tons of data about parents, students and spouses" (Fox, 2009). The unexpected nature of this security breach may be overlooked, since it is "just" a schools clinical database. However such systems contain invaluable information to identity thieves. Information like credit card numbers addresses, etc, which could undermine the safety and security of the individual. This indicates a shift from the normal conventional attacks on financial institutions to poorly secured alternative databases, where cyber criminals can retrieve information about people. The article stipulates that in such a situation, the end users are no longer the weakest link in the security chain. In this sense, most of the blame cannot be put on the end users. "The distinction belongs to the corporations above the chain" (Fox, 2009). It is necessary as end users to keep our computers and all other relevant information safe. However, if companies who are in charge of such sensitive information employ an insecure and shoddy way of doing their job, then security will always be an issue. My verdict is, companies who house information, should know that all data is relevant to a client. So, important mechanisms and policies should be put in place to secure their data. Bibliography

Fox, S. (2009). When Security breaches the Home. PC Mag .
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