Security Information Affecting Investment Decision: a Case Study on Eastern Bank Limited

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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|Assignment on | |Security Information Affecting Investment Decision | |A Study on Eastern Bank Limited | | | |Course Title: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management;Course Code: FIN 6155 | |11/30/2012 |


| | |Southeast University | |School of Business | |MBA (Friday) Program |

As a partial requirement of the course “Security Analysis and Portfolio Management”, I prepared the report on “Security Information Affecting Investment Decision: A Study on Eastern Bank Limited”. For the sake of convenience of the reader, I divided my report into three chapters. First chapter of the report entailed the corporate information of the selected company- its legal forms, chronological developments, core business, networks, ownership structures, listing records at stock exchange, some stock information of the company. Second chapter contained with financial performance of the company for the past 5 years and the recent year information up-to-date relevant for investment decisions. Third chapter was an import one, while at the last chapter I illustrate the correlation between company information and security prices, ways of collecting relevant information- their sources and types of relevant and essential information of companies required to make finest investment. The last topic was about my personal recommendations about security analysis from the view point of an individual investor in stock market of Bangladesh.


|Particulars |Details |Pages | | |Executive Summary | | |Chapter I |Company Information of Eastern Bank Limited |1 | |COMPANY INFORMATION | | | | |Information about Listing in DSE/CSE |2 | |Chapter II |Asset Value Information |4 | |SECURITY INFORMATION | | | | |Earnings Information |4 | |...
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