Security in Airports

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  • Published : May 28, 2008
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Don’t you just love our security in airports these days? Because I sure do! Ever since 9-11, Bush and the entire administration decided it would be a good idea to tighten up airport security! Which should have been in effect long before 9-11, but that’s just my opinion and views! Who cares about my opinion anyway?!

Each time I go to the airport, I get a kick out of the whole process that we abide by. You go to the airport and check in and all that baloney, until you get to the exciting part! First we have to show a random worker our passport, and that’s where they look at the passport and look back at the picture about two or three times to confirm that our facial features are similar! Our passports and I.D.’s get checked more often then a fifteen-year old at a bar! We then wait in one of the many lines that are coming our way! We then get to the Screeners, which can detect anything! Except what the machine is missing are the employees that will be looking at it! Now to the fun part, this is when we get “felt up” by the security guards, and if were lucky enough we can even get strip searched. We dress and undress more times at an airport, then a stripper at a burlesque theater. Now on to the emptying of our pockets and the journey of our personal belongings on their way through a “cat-scan” looking machine! Then we walk through another machine that has a mind of it’s own which approves or disapproves of us. I feel so bad for the passenger that has to walk through about five times to see if there carrying anything illegal on board! In the end the employees find out that the “BEEP” noise that was coming from the machine for the last five minutes was because of the metal plate in the passengers knee, who would of thought? That is also where you get the twenty-one questioner, “ Are you carrying any guns, knives, or any type of explosive?”, “ Do you plan to blow up the plane?”, and “ Was hijacking a plane written down in your planner?”All this security is so...
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