Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing That Implemented by Mampu

Topics: Cloud computing, Computer security, Information security Pages: 7 (2103 words) Published: May 10, 2013

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Dr. Wan Adilah Wan Adnan SYS 704 (Research Methodology for IT)

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Mohd Emran Bin Ibrahim (2011946259) Master of Science in Information Technology, Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Science, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor. Malaysia

Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing That Implemented by MAMPU Mohd Emran Bin Ibrahim Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Selangor {}

Abstract - Today, there is a new scenario and environment in ICT where is most government institutions in Central, Eastern Europe, and Asia have move forward from traditional technology to cloud technology. There is no secret where is this technology become more popular. Predictions show that government will play some sort of lead role within adopting cloud computing as for data storage, applications, and processing power, as IT executives look to optimize their returns with limited budgets in these challenging economic times. Government cloud services can be a new development in the intersection of electronic digital government and impair computing which supports the promise regarding rendering government service delivery far better, cost effective, and efficient. Cloud services are exclusive, dynamic, and potentially stateless which includes triggered governments' concern for data security, privacy, and sovereignty. This paper will evaluate the security and privacy level of this cloud that implemented by MAMPU and it will focus on the SaaS, Paas, and IaaS cloud stack with three strategic cloud models (public, private, and outsource cloud).

Keyword - Cloud computing; Saas; Paas; Iaas; cloud security; cloud technology; data security management



Computer in its evolution form has been changed multiple times, as learned from its past events. Ironically, the history started with the mainframe and that time predicted to be the future of computing and indeed mainframes and large scale machines were built and used, and in some circumstances they are used similarly today. The trend and evolution go bigger and more expensive, to smaller and more affordable commodity PCs and servers which are hybrid together to construct to be cloud computing system, denoted as Cloud in short, due to their same capability in providing services, storage, computation, management, and others [9]. Researcher found and defined that cloud computing is a virtualized compute power and storage delivered via platform-agnostic infrastructures of abstracted hardware and software accessed over the Internet. These shared, on demand IT resources, are created and disposed of efficiently, are dynamically scalable through a variety of programmatic interfaces and are billed variably based on measureable usage [11]. After the dotcom (.com) environment, Amazon is one of the key players in the development of cloud computing where is they have improve and modernize the data centres. In this situation, most of the computer networks have use as little as 10% of their capacity at any one time [13]. According to Thomas Davies, Head of Google Enterprise in Ireland and the UK, “To date, business cloud computing adoption has been mainly motivated by the IT division. The advantages of cloud computing are far beyond cost saving and the reduced burden of upholding.” The strategically important impact that cloud computing has within an organization in terms of motivating innovation and efficiency is making it an ever more attractive choice for business desire to gain competitive advantage and agility [12].



Fig 1: Basic cloud computing logical diagram

MAMPU was established based on a study on “Development Administrative in Malaysia” conducted by Prof. John D. Montgomery and Milton J.Esman. In 1986, the role of human resource planning was...
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