Security and Critical Information

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  • Published : August 22, 2012
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“Loose Lips Sink Ships”. The slogan may be old but it still embodies the basic principle of Operational Security. NIOC is the OPSEC support command out of Norfolk, VA. Operational Security is every person’s responsibility. We are all responsible for knowing the risks, knowing the procedures and security measures put in place around the squadron and through out our navy. OPSEC is a concept that works to prevent the compromise of sensitive or classified material, activities, capabilities or intentions. The Naval Information Operations Command (NIOC) is designated as the Naval and USMC support element. They provide OPSEC support and their mission provide command OPSEC program development, awareness resources, assessment assistance, guidance and support training that promotes an understanding of OPSEC among all personnel. In order to prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive materials etc. is to use a simple five step process: Identify critical information, analyze the vulnerabilities, assess the risk, and develop countermeasures. When considering the application of different OPSEC measures you need to identify what needs to be safeguarded, why it could be harmful if it was exposed, when it is vulnerable and how these measures need to be implemented and effective. To identify these questions need to be asked; what is sensitive or classified, what needs to be protected and could the information that you have help an adversary in any way. Analyze: Determine how critical information is transferred and relayed daily. Assess: assess the risk and find out how the information could be compromised. Then protect it! Develop countermeasures to protect the information and keep it from being disclosed. When it comes to the protection of anything whether it is personal, community, business or military you should think like the adversary. You must think like a bad guy in order to catch one. This could be as inconsequential as a surprise birthday party or as...
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