Security Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry

Topics: Economy of India, Stock market, Pharmaceutical industry Pages: 50 (15095 words) Published: May 26, 2011
Security analysis of pharmaceutical industry
Shilpa medicare ltd, Ranbaxy, Dr Reedy

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To Submitted- Prof. Raju Gundala

By Submitted – Jitendra Singh
Roll No. – 22, Section – C
PGDM-IB (2009-11) Batch

Certificate from IFIM B SCHOOL.

Certificate from the internal faculty


I declare that this project report entitled “SECURITY ANALYSIS OF PHARMACETICAL INDUSTRY” is original and bonafide work of my own in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and submitted to the Department of Management, IFIM BUSINESS SCHOOL, Bangalore

The data that has been collected by me is truly authentic and contains true and complete Information.

Jitendra Singh IFIM B SCHOOL Bangalore


Accomplishment of a task with desired success calls for dedication towards work and prompting guidance, co-operation and deliberation from seniors. At the outset, I would like to thank Professor Mr. Raju Gundala for his support and professional approach in guiding me through the careful details of the project. I am very grateful to my college Finance faculty who not only helped me on this topic but also helped me to understand the nuances of capital market. In spite of having a very busy schedule, they made sure in every way that we acquire the best possible exposure and knowledge during our project. I would be failing in my duty if I do no express my deep sense of gratitude to all the faculty members for their valuable advice and guidance in this project. .

Table of contents

chapter| Particular| Page no.| | Executive summary | |
1| General Introduction | |
2| Introduction to the problem| |
| Need of the study| |
| Objective of the study| |
| Scope of the study| |
| Limitation of the study| |
3| Company profile| |
| Shilpa medicare ltd| |
| Ranbaxy | |
| Dr. Reedy lab| |
4| Review of literature| |
5| Research Methodology| |
| Analysis of Indian economic| |
| Industry analysis| |
6| Data analysis| |
| Fundamentals analysis of shilpa medicare, Ranbaxy, Dr.Reedy. | | | Technical analysis of Shilpa medicare ltd| |
7| SWOT analysis| |
8| conclusion| |
| Ref. and bibliography| |
| | |

Executive summary

The Pharmaceutical industry, one of the core sectors, has undergone metamorphosis with the advent of new business and manufacturing practices in the light of liberalization and globalization. The sector seems to be optimistic of posting strong sales in the couple of years in the view of a reasonable surge in demand. The Indian pharmaceutical market is gearing towards international standards to meet the needs of the global pharmaceutical giants and become a global hub. A detailed analysis of Pharmaceutical industry has been covered in respect of past growth and performance. Under this project to better understand the Industry I have used Fundamental tools to make it more authentic and meaningful. An economy-industry-company (E.I.C) approach has been followed under Fundamental Analysis which covers effect of Recession, the impact of inflation, FDI’s, Export, and GDP etc. on...
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