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Security Operations
Mr Ralph Martinez
April 1, 2013
Security Organization

The protection of persons, physical assets and information is a concern at every level of society. From the individual to the giant organization, the need for safety and security is a basic requirement. However, due to limited resources or lack of ability to confront numerous noncriminal risk, public law enforcement agencies are unable to provide adequate protection against the multitude of foreseeable threats. In addition to the fear of crime, numerous hazards exist that threaten personal safety and property. Consequently, security services have experienced tremendous growth, both in terms of the number of personnel employed and the financial investment in the loss prevention and asset protection. When thinking of security management society must consider all the legal ramifications that come into play. Managers are working hard to prevent loss, protect property and human assets.   As security managers are hiring new employees, most are now conducting background investigations, so they can make a more sound judgement on each employee that is hired. As a manger, you want to ensure that you are hiring qualified individuals without putting your company at further risk. Employers must keep in mind that they may be sued for defamation of character if they provide other employers negative or falsified information on a current or former employee. Our government on the other hand is striving to protect national security without violating any constitutional rights. Individuals who are government employees have all signed some type of contract.   These contacts are written in such way to provide protection to the government as well as to the employee.   It is a legally binding voluntary agreement between both the parties. There are so many specific crimes that fall into the legal aspects of both business and government. Security organizations have many...
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