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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Date: To: For: From: Subject: April 11, 2013 Jay Jenlink, Regional Vice President Securities Licensing Recruits Joshua Conaway, Sales Representative Getting Licensed to Increase Business with Primerica

There are many business opportunities in Primerica Financial Services. One of the greatest opportunities is receiving residual income by helping clients with investing for their future. It is rewarding in knowing that you are helping your clients’ future financial status as well as getting compensated for the work you have done. Before you can sell securities, you must first become licensed. This is not a simple process, but these steps give a fast and efficient track to completing this task: 1. Log into Primerica Online and choose your testing provider (either TesTeachers or Kaplan) under the “Getting Licensed” tab. 2. Download both the series 6 and 63 exam manuals from their website. You may find it easier to study if you print them off and use a hard copy. 3. Begin studying the series 63 material (and continue studying it through step 6) and contact Primerica’s Securities Licensing to establish a file with them. 4. After your file has been created, schedule an appointment with Feildprint to get your fingerprints taken and ran through the FBI database. 5. Within a week of your fingerprinting, Primerica with email you an electronic U4 application. Do NOT change your profile. Access the application from an Internet Explorer browser and answer and then submit the 129 questions. 6. By now you should be through with studying for the series 63 exam. Take the final practice test and receive a 65% or higher. This activates Primerica’s Pre-Pay Program, saving you $200 in testing costs. 7. Continue to review the series 63 information and begin studying for the less extensive series 6 exam. You will have two weeks to complete the new material before your U4 application is processed. 8. Once your application is processed, Primerica will open a 180-day window...
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